Water Proofing

Building waterproofing is a core service here at Allied and we have the experience you can trust.

We offer waterproofing for numerous building types and surfaces, including brick, stone masonry, concrete, membrane, and bentonite. We offer building waterproofing for decks, patios, high traffic areas, flat metal roofs, flooring, interior/exterior walls and crack repairs.

Trust the Allied team to restore, rehabilitate, and waterproof your building’s concrete with epoxy injection and other surfaces using techniques including urethane, acrylic and cementitous coatings.

Our waterproofing approach uses both traditional application methods as well as state-of-the-art spray application technologies to waterproof your building or office space from floor to ceiling.  Our industry leading building and office waterproofing process is simply

The Water Proofing Process

Our clients expect more from their water proofing company. A comprehensive plan, detailed proposal, minimal downtime, and excellent communication are the basis for any successful water proofing project.

Our working process ensures your total satisfaction:

Expert Water Proofing

We are a professional water proofing company with well over a decade of experience. Our expert water proofing staff are ready to discuss your project. We look forward to proving that our commitment to quality, communication, and sustainability are unmatched in the water proofing industry.