5-Dimensions of Promise & Protection

Anyone can offer a warranty for paint.
You don’t often see paint spontaneously peel and fall off.

Not only does Allied stand behind each project with a written warranty, we elevate our client service to the next level with the our 

5-Dimensions of Promise & Protection:


Allied takes full responsibility and total ownership of your painting project. It becomes our duty to manage it. We’ll take it off your plate!



Allied will NEVER disrupt your daily operations. Whether we’re managing customer traffic flow, completing the project within the specified downtime, or painting in the background during operating hours- Your specifications will be met, period.


Improved Bottom Line

Allied helps improve your bottom line. We understand that you are not simply seeking to have your walls, floor, and ceiling painted. We get it- you are looking to become a more profitable company. Whether it be through increased worker productivity or enhanced company image, we integrate your objectives and requirements into every project to help improve your profitability.



Allied creates a shield of protection for your all of your facilities surfaces, and most importantly protects the most valuable asset, your people. Rest assured your clients, customers, vendors, employees are in a clean, safe, and focused professional environment.


Risk Reduction

Clean, Safe, and Defined spaces are components of a well maintained facility and can help reduce the risk of litigation. This is especially true if your company or organization has multiple locations with exposure to large numbers of people.