Why We Believe in Employees, NOT Subcontractors

Many painting companies fill up their painting staff with subcontractors. In the short term, this is cheaper than hiring workers full-time.

However, we strongly believe that hiring subcontractors does not pay in the long term. It’s the wrong way to run a painting company, which is why all of our painters are full-time employees.

Here are 4 reasons why this is important to us…

Subcontractors Are Never Part of the Team
We want each of our painters to be an outstanding communicator, expert painter, and exemplar of professionalism. If a subcontractor is only onboard for that job, he’s not motivated to develop these skills and embody the APC approach.

This means you may be stuck with less-than-professional painters on your property for the duration of the project. And the subcontractor may not have bought into the way the manager lays out the job, making the project less unified and efficient.

Subcontractors Aren’t Always Fully Insured
Painting companies usually don’t provide liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance for their subcontractors. Unless they carry insurance themselves, subcontractors are out of luck if they get hurt on the job site – and you may be liable.

We think this compromises the value of the service we’re offering. We carry full liability and worker’s compensation coverage for all our painters.

Subcontractors Aren’t Paid a Living Wage 
Other painting companies who use subcontractors pay their painters a low hourly rate.

At APC, we believe that our painters should always get a decent living wage. We hire our painters as full-time employees and offer a living wage.

Painting Businesses Don’t Pay Payroll Taxes on Subcontractors 
One reason it’s less expensive to staff up with subcontractors is that you don’t need to cover payroll taxes, such as local, state, and federal income tax; Social Security and Medicare tax.

We think it’s important to the health of our society to pay these taxes. Because all our painters are employees, we are obligated to comply with IRS rules regarding payroll withholdings.

Happy Workers Mean Happy Clients

We know that when employees are treated fairly and belong to a team, they provide better service. It’s that simple.

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