Painting commercial, industrial, and retail spaces for over 15 years.

Delivering on your vision with the utmost professionalism and responsibility is what we do best! Our working process begins with...

planning & strategy

Every project starts with a detailed outline and proposed strategy. Timeline, materials, and cost are itemized.

design & develop

Next our color design team recommends exact color and tone selections that set the mood for your space. We incorporate your selections and agree to proceed.

deliver & support

We then prepare your space for application and execute the strategy. Product is applied by professional Allied employees. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!

We Believe in Employees, NOT Subcontractors

Many painting companies fill up their painting staff with subcontractors. In the short term, this is cheaper than hiring workers full-time.

However, we strongly believe that hiring subcontractors does not pay in the long term. It’s the wrong way to run a painting company, which is why all of our painters are full-time employees.
Here are 4 reasons why this is important to us…

Downtime Minimization

Your business runs continually throughout the week. We understand the impact and cost of unplanned interruptions and downtime on your operations. Even minor interruptions to labor productivity or product assembly can produce bottlenecks that affect your bottom line. In the worst case, purchase order fulfillment, future sales, and even personal safety can be at risk.
Read more about our commitment to downtime minimization.

Our Promise

Anyone can offer a warranty for just the paint itself. You don’t often see paint spontaneously peel and fall off.

Not only does Allied stand behind each project with a written warranty, we elevate our client service to the next level with the our:

5-Dimensions of Promise & Protection


Sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, through a strong awareness of environmental needs, economical needs, and social needs.

Allied Painting Contractors plans all projects to be as enironmentally-friendly as possible, by ensuring proper use of all labor and “green” materials, and by even carpooling. Allied recycles all possible materials and takes great care to dispose of all waste, water, and solvents properly.

Find out more on how Allied practices sustainability.